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Random thoughts on travelling and life in general.

Monkey World, in Deepest Dorset


 We are in Chichester, for a surprise break, which is v posh I must say.  On the way G said he was taking me to the Tank Museum which actually I was quite excited about (yes, really!) after seeing all the signs on the way and a couple of tanks trundling along the road. and guess where we ended up - Monkey World.  Brilliant.


  Lots of naughty monkeys, luckily not too many  orange bottoms or bonking.  The gift shop was full of monkey stuff, surprisingly.  The best part was when one had a crap  and threw the ‘end product’ at the glass to shrieks and screams, especially by me.  The only downside -  lots of children, being ferried around by grannies.  Monkey World was a lovely surprise.  I have paid to adopt a monkey called Malcolm who was rescued from a lab.  He looked a bit bald so didn’t ask too many questions. Am sure he will be happier now I am looking after him.


We are staying in a Georgian house which is just lovely.  We were knackered after the monkeys – walked miles – and, as was always going to happen, our room was right at the top.  Looked like two old crocks getting up four flights, but worth it when we got there as the room was lovely.


Very top drawer people here in Winchester and not many tattoos. We walked a bit more, quaffed coffee, gorged ourselves on (free) tastings of chutney and other stuff we didn’t actually go on to buy and then crawled back up the four flights of stairs. G has a badly sprained ankle, with about 40 metres of blue strapping holding it together, so I offered to carry the newspaper to help with the Sherpa duties. He didn’t look even faintly grateful for my offer, but didn’t say anything, although that may be because he was out of puff by then. Wimp!