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Cornish Crafts. Lovely lad, very 'Cornish' so could barely understand him.

Tractor Heaven

All Right My Lovely?

Snorting, bellowing beasts belching smoke, and that was the drivers


In Cornwall for a few days. Lovely people, the Cornish – all right my lovely – and they are good at sea shanties, but hear one and thats enough.  The other thing they seem to love are great big steam machines.


We went to the Steam Rally in Truro,, which quite frankly was full of nutters.  They seem to love black grease up their crack and clouds of steam bellowing in their face.  Then there was the man announcing the prize giving in a language which sounded like a cross between Latvian and Russian.  They spent all their time blacking the wheels.


 The inside tent was full of spinners and model collectors all elderly.  There was one who built and furnished dolls houses, a Meccano fetishist and numerous other nutters. What will happen when these eccentrics die? Can’t  imagine.  There was a huge fat woman selling fudge and that was obviously what she lived on. She looked rather sticky.    Only thing we bought was some very expensive liquorice.  We had a day we will never forget.


Just had my nails done.  They are the only part of me that  I will show to the world naked.  Now going to hairdressers for cut and colour.  Had a scare last night.  My head was itching like mad and thought I had got nits.  Turned out to be a mosquito bite.  Had visions of being asked to leave hairdressers by a 17 year old and everybody backing off.  No doubt will cost a fortune and will no doubt have to wash it and do it again properly as soon as I get back.  


Festival time and everybody wearing wellies, despite the heat. In the supermarket a "youth” was spending 165 quid on booze.  Looked about 12.  We tutted.  How dare they get drunk and enjoy themselves.  Hope he bought some condoms and shower gel.  Think thats why I have been thinking about nits.

Have loved the olympics.  It has made me push the hoover extra quick.


Someone asked me for a recipe the other day, but as I make up almost every dish I cook, was a bit baffled. Told her I had a good recipe for  mice in aspic – Take  300 mice, stuff them with cheesey wotsits, cook them for 3 days in stuff – and also one for Christmas - ostrich stuffed with 20 birds – but she’d put her notepad away by then.


A Meccano Man. Actually, not the man but everything else Meccano