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Augsburg. It is possible to climb to the top of this tower.   We didn't.

Have a Gute Fahrt.

Wise advice.

Arrived in Augsburg which is a lovely old town founded by the Romans with great buildings. Has oomp pah pah bands too which you don’t get in Torquay. Maybe you do, but I never saw, or heard, one. We walked around for a while and eventually found the Town Hall with a very high tower, a thousand years old, next to it. The tower has 258 rickety steps, very narrow too, so we considered the idea of climbing to the top for at least five seconds, then walked back across the square and stuffed our faces instead.


I had a vast salad and a thick orangey-yellow drink called a Mango Tango. Very odd, very nice and very, very expensive. G asked for a Diet Coke, but the girl talked me into getting him a local cola drink instead, sugar free and just the same as Coke, she said. It was vile and even so G drank all of it.


Good people-watching spot. A good mix of beautiful people (lots) and weirdos (quite a few). The centre is car-free so thousands of bikes. Like Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Must be healthy lot or else they have all been banned from driving.


Popped into a supermarket and had a shock. The veg was being continuously sprayed by iced water, the selection was vast and the meat section was on a sort of glass carousel which revolved. You pick what you want and it shot out, hopefully not hitting you on the head.


Breakfast this morning had lovely dark bread with nuts in. I tucked in and afterwards noticed I had broken a tooth. It doesn’t hurt so will carry on until I have no teeth left. 


Autobahn very scary as no speed limit. G said he would stay away from outside lane, but drive for a bit at 100 mph so we could judge the speeds of the cars whizzing past. I shrieked like mad and covered my eyes with a wet wipe. Advice: do not do this as it makes your eyes very red and puffed up which does not help if you are trying to look intelligent to the girl on the hotel desk. I asked her if she spoke English, as was too tired to try out my German, and she said, ‘yes, of course,’ in the sort of way she’d have replied if I’d said ‘have you changed your knickers this month?’ 


There is a huge underground car park, very dark and gloomy, so will takes us most of tomorrow morning to find the car again. 

I realised I had lost the hotel room number details, but still had the key card, by the time we got out of the lift. G gave me one of those looks when I said we could just try the card in a few doors. I thought it was either 223, 233, or maybe 323 in which case we were on the wrong floor. I think he was just a bit tired. 


Been giggling all all day about the road signs. Gute Fahrt, especially. Very childish. 


Mango Tango, yummy salad and vile cola drink.

G pretending Fritz Kola is delicious. it's like distilled lederhosen worn by fat man on a very hot day