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Marigold and other beautiful flowers.

Berchtesgaden, where we are now. As you can see, it is a right dump! View from the balcony.

Horse Sh*t in the Alps

Marvellous day travelling through into the Bavarian Alps into, but only just, Austria.  Lots of cows with big bells on and outside the hotel are a gaggle of goats or is it herd.  Anyway got lost due to bossy boots sat nav sending us up a track into a farm, where the farmer looked nasty with a pitchfork in his hand.  We waved and scarpered quick, laughing when we felt safe. Back to maps, G says, just as long as I don’t have to read them.


Drove through forests and meadows, heading for the mountains, all morning. Absolutely beautiful and what a perfect place to live. Germany is a land of such variety, but everywhere we passed looked prosperous and cared-for. Saw two wild boar, fields full of pheasants and a bison. G said it was not a bison, just a massive bullock, but I know what I saw. He’s just talking bullocks. 


All day on back roads, over the thousand mile stage today, but much better than  taking the direct route. Where we ended up today is a town called Berchtesgaden, close to where Adolph Hitler had his summer palace, known as the Eagles’ Nest. This has been the only place we have booked to stay for the whole trip as I wanted to go here for G’s landmark birthday. Yes, he really is 100 tomorrow. 


Anyway, stopped at a gorgeous town which the book says we would never forget, forgotten the name already.  Had a coffee and an Appel something or other, needed a wee.  Went inside, a vicious woman said something in German pointing to the bar.  There were loads of people with little hoops going upstairs, I thought for an exercise class.   Found out ages later the hoops you had to collect with a key on to get into the bogs and out.  How ridiculous.  Felt very traumatised.  Lots of people in lederhosen, suppose because it was weekend.  Like to see them getting out of that lot for a wee in a rush.


Hotel very old fashioned with a glorious view of the Alps.  Houses all have flowers on them.


A Russian woman staying in the room next door came for a chat.  Perfect English.  She is a guide in St Petersberg.  Really nice.  Name is Monika.


Should be going to Eagles Nest tomorrow but will have to check on weather.  We have to pre book a bus up.  My best friend Moniker is on the case as she is so professional in these matters.


After consulting G, who knows everything, the lovely town we stopped at for drink was called  Rosenheim. A wonderful brewer’s dray, festooned with flowers and pulled by four huge Shire horses was touring the town. I posed for a picture next to he horses, a bit nervous actually in case one kicked me. Turned out to be much, much worse as one of them did an enormous dump right next to me. G wanted a photo of my expression, but was laughing too much to get camera out. 


Only just missed.

How was I to know this was the toilet key?