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Yummy Lake Garda

Italian Lakes, Bikes and Up-turned Grannies. Oh, and beware of wearing pink shirts!

Italy, so you have to have pizza. Did I finish it? No.



Woke up today with 5 mosquito bites and am worried about ziko virus.  G said “it's unlikely we’ll be having any children now, so don't worry.” You never know!


Breakfast today was just about edible.  We had some fruit so we don't get scurvy and muesli with chocolate bits in.  So much for the healthy breakfast cereal option. The place was full of Chinese kids on a coach trip, all very greedy.  G said its because food is restricted to rice balls and noodles.  I said “well they are making up for it now” as they piled up three plates each and then left half of it anyway. All on their mobile phones making a terrible racket. When we were teenagers we behaved impeccably at all times, I’m sure. Good job we are very tolerant and only tut a bit.


Italian drivers are awful.  They whizz around and drive up your bum tooting.  G said if I keep on screeching he will put me in the back. No chance of that as the back seat is crammed with stuff I don’t even remember packing. Maybe someone broke into the car one night and dumped a load of stuff. 


Arrived at Lake Garda in one piece.  Lovely, lovely.  Had a pizza by the lake, served by a waiter who thought he was George Clooney.  Delicio.  The pizza, not the waiter. Tomorrow we are going to drive to the other end of Italy’s biggest lake and maybe go on a boat trip.


Have just been to an Italian Supermarket.  They seem to live on bread sticks, cheese, grapes and of course bread which you have to weigh.  The meat looked good.  There was a girl in very short shorts on roller skates stocking up.  Not much like the Co op.


G got himself a beer this afternoon, sat next to me on a sun chair and the whole thing collapsed, G being left in a heap.  Two waiters rushed to his aid.  I nearly had to have oxygen I laughed so much.  Luckily, they replaced his beer.



Fantastic trip along the lake which is 35 miles long.  Villas leading down to the lake must be worth loads.  Stopped at the old town of Garda.  Fantastic shops, all arty and original.  I had spaghetti Bol which was the special of the day.  Lassoed my face a few times and it ended up in my hair.  Didn't really enjoy it much but had to give it a whirl, literally.  G had something less messy which was a lovely lasagna with salad.  Not much mess with that.  He felt sorry for me and made me a lasagna sandwich.  Coffee and chocs for afters along with a rather large bill, but we were by the lake and a gypsy bloke played a tune, along with a scruffy dog. I think he should give the dog a go on the violin next time.


Tried some ‘in the sale’ shoes on which said size 5 but were more like a 2, or my feet have spread into pizzas.


Garda says it is the bike and trekking centre of Europe, it says that everywhere so must be true. Never, ever seen so many cyclists, all shapes and sizes. Because it is so sporty there are loads of cafes with no chairs, just bean bags, which is fine if you are 18 and very fit, but saw two grannies today, on grandchild duty, looking like upturned tortoises on their bean bags. When they tried to get up, they flopped around for a bit and then just rolled off onto the floor. 


I said to G, 'you should go and help’ and he said, ‘if I do, they’ll never learn!’ Then he went over and offered to help. They said they were fine, thank you, just having a lie down for a minute or two. Not sure if that’s right as they were Italian and spoke very fast, but they refused his help. Probably thought he was a pervert. 


When we stopped for a coffee, one of the waiters admired G’s pink shirt, which worried him a bit. Even the most macho of men are ripe for baiting if they wear pink. The waiter toddled off and brought a Diet Coke back with him which he offered to G. It said ‘Pinko’ on the can. Even G laughed at that. 


Off tomorrow to the coast, marvellous.


It is 9.10. am off to me bed.  We have to be down at 7 for brekkie before the Germans, who eat all the bread and usually break the toaster, oh no that's me.  Also they take all the grapes and best bits out of fruit salad and that’s my job.




At half six in the morning, the lake road is empty The rest of the day it is MAD

Pinko Coca Cola

Just a coffee stop. Glass too hot to pick up, but still happy

No idea who this poor devil is. Or was.

G said this reminded him of me. Must have been a while ago.