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Original 'supermarket, only  the hair styles have changed

Marigold's  musings on travelling through Italy

Big juicy melons. Bad hair day though.

I think if Italian men were handcuffed and couldn't use their hands they would be struck dumb.  Saw a Ferrari crashed today on the motorway with a rich bloke standing with it, arms waving madly  and the police standing around looking at the wreckage all looking sad.  Teach him to go slower and not show off. Five Ferraris outside a hotel we walked past last night. No, not where we were staying! 


G's best holiday trousers have given up the ghost.  He has put his knee through them.  They are 30 years old, elasticated waist, and have seen him through thick and thin eras, so to speak.  They have also been to even more countries than us as we have lost our luggage twice.  When they do go to trouser heaven, we will never find their like again, thank goodness.


Had a G and T at our rather swish hotel with concealed lighting in rooms.  The bartender bought our drinks over in lounge, offering us slices of pizza and little slices of bread with stuff on. Lovely.  We said this is the life.  When the bill came it said snacks 12 euros.  Honestly, he did offer.  No tip for him.  The drinks were a fortune!  Hotel is lush, except for the railway line at the back.  They run every half an hour!


Seen some lovely Italian scenery on the way and some not very exciting places as well. Stopped at a motorway services, went for a wee and decided I could hang on until we reached the next one. Just hope the Pope never visits there. 


Stopped in the middle of nowhere and popped into a small supermarket in a little town, sorry forgot the name. It was like going back to 1970 inside, not in a bad way. Lots of fresh veg and all laid out on counters, nothing pre-packed at all. Lovely. 


The man on the till wanted to practise his English, although how he knew we were English I don’t know as we said ‘Buongiorno’ in our very best Italian! He told us this shop had been in his family for 100 years and showed me a photo of what it used to look like. I photographed the photo as it was so impressive. 


Tomorrow Eze in the hills of Provence, an area we know and love, can't wait. One of the few places we have booked in advance so very hopeful. Normally, we wander along and find somewhere to stay at the last minute. More exciting, but also more of a leap into the unknown.


 This hotel today is a delight with lovely staff and all very swish. It is also cheap, apart from the drinks, as it is in a place nobody particularly wants to stay. We only picked it because of the name of the road it was in  which made me laugh out loud. Rue Dicky. Okay, not all that funny, but it was hot, I was tired and small things amuse small minds. Our last few hotels have been in jaw-droppingly lovely situations, on the shores of lakes, but cost more than this place and nowhere near as plush. Swings and thingies, I suppose. 


Heard from Moniker, or whatever she calls herself.  Took loads of cheese back with her as no cheese at the moment in Russia at all.  She is going to try and sell some.  She also said there is a toilet roll shortage.  Think I will cross Russia off my bucket list.