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Random thoughts on travelling and life in general.


San Remo, Monte Carlo, Eze and Wild Boar. Guess which I liked best!



We left Italy behind and drove the Grande Corniche road perched half a mile above the sea, through numerous tunnels and as many bridges. As we neared San Remo G said, ‘we’ve passed by many times but never actually been there,’ and as we were passing…


Alfred Nobel lived and died here as did Edward Lear. Most of the people we saw today were also dead, but nobody had told them yet. The casino is a poor relation of the one  just down the road in Monte Carlo,  but still impressive. 


We walked to the grandly named San Remo beach club which was almost deserted. A woman arrived in a chauffeur driven Bentley, climbed out in high heels and a bikini, nothing else, and  tottered to the beach as the Bentley drove off. She sat herself down on a lounger and the woman in the beach café who had ignored us since we arrived five minutes ago rushed out with a gin and tonic and a parasol. Must be someone  important, we decided. Yep, we’re pretty sharp. 


We called at Monaco, as we were passing. Still a monument to concrete and fast cars, even though the Lamborghini we followed through the tunnel was belching smoke in protest at having to drive so slowly through the traffic. 


‘Needs a decoke,’ G said. I think I did too after all those fumes. We decided against visiting the Casino. Never have so why start now? We stopped to take a photo further up the road, in a lay by so quite safe, and a policeman on a motorbike arrived within seconds and told us to move along. Must be on riff-raff patrol. 


Lunch in Eze, a village high above the Med with stunning views of Provence and the sea. I had the best steak I ever ate and G pretended to be healthy by ordering a salad and then adding a plate of chips as well. Fab village, so very French and unbelievably shabby-chic.


Saw a wall poster with a quote at the entrance to the village that summed up this whole trip. 


 Etre avec des gens qu'on aime cela suffit


Which means to  be with the people we love, that is enough. 




After lunch we toddled off further into the hills and soon arrived at our latest  ‘treat hotel,’ the one we pick every now and again to make up for all the cheapies we normally go to. Fantastic place and very plush. 


G went to sit by the pool, but was soon back telling me, commanding me, to come down NOW.  I rushed to obey, as ever, (ha!) and was so glad I did as there was a whole family of wild boar in the garden. They came to drink from the fish pond and G was able to get within touching distance, although all the other guests were cowering behind the locked gates of the pool. He is such a hero, they must have thought, but we used to see them regularly when we lived in Spain and they are only aggressive when threatened. The big one wandered off leaving just the little ones behind so I was okay to get close. Like hairy dogs, even down to their wagging tails! 


Not exactly busy

The dowager duchess of San Remo

Monte Carlo's understated casino.

Beautiful Eze

Lunch in Eze

Could this be anywhere else than France?

Our hotel in Eze

View from our terrace

Unexpected guest in garden

G with the youngsters

I have no idea they are so close. Keeping an eye out for the big one

G with his pack

A woman wheeled her bike down these steps and rode off. Looked to be about 100 years old. Her and the bike.

Er, okay...