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No relevence whatsoever, although hoped it was our host's dad, but It's just a photo he kept lying around because he liked it. I like it too.

A touch of madness makes life interesting.

Marigold and Friend

Been wandering  through The Corbiere region, castles and wine, which was lovely.  We bought a ramshackle house here a hundred years ago, seems that long anyway.  We couldn’t find it today so must have been even more remote than we remember. Grapes a plenty being harvested and you could smell them in the air.  Stopped for coffee and croissants on the way, delicious. 


When we left this morning we did a slow drive to the coast and the perfect beaches near Beziers. Lots of boats on the Canal du Midi and they seem to have the right idea as drifting slowly along on the water is a much better idea than lying on a beach today as it is 30 degrees plus here again. The crowds have gone though which is good. 


A couple we spoke to last night told us about a B and B buried deep in the Corbiere hills that was ‘perfect for you.’ Not sure what they meant and they only said, ‘a bit mad.’ Hmm! G rang up in his ‘perfect’ French and walked away because I was making him laugh. He was away for ages and when he came back he said it was okay and we were booked in for tonight. 


I was really impressed as he’d been talking for so long, until he let it slip that the owner spoke English. 


Our B and B was very hard to find, eventually went up a track and no one was there.  Looked interesting with all sorts of things outside, like a mixture of antique shop and scrap yard.  Got our chairs out the car. A dog turned up with a football for G to kick for him (guess who got fed up first) and two cats.


Eventually the owner, Bernard,  appeared and showed us into what had been a sheep house which contained 300 sheep.  He collects everything and can't stop. His wife Katya who used to have a restaurant in Paris is cooking for us.  He used to work in a museum.  There are another couple staying from Belgium so should be interesting. G may have to work hard if the new couple only speak Belgian. Yes,  I know they speak Flemish in Belgium, but G is reading over my shoulder so wanted to send him packing. He’s gone now. 


G says we should  make sure we lock the door tonight. Bernard made me  “tea” which tasted like bubble gum.  I asked what it was and he said “a mixture”. Food may be a mixture too, but will still look forward to it. Miles from the nearest shop so will probably eat whatever can be found in the garden. G outside, kicking the ball for the dog, Gringo, again. Gringo is a sheepdog and seems to be missing the 300 sheep who used to live here. Never mind, he has G to play with for a while at least. 


Have been all over the house now. By invitation, not snooping. The furniture, and the decorations, are both weird and wonderful. It’s in a beautiful spot and so peaceful. Need to be very organised to live here as shops are many miles away, but get the impression our hosts are not very organised. This is good as it makes life much more interesting.


This will be an indoor pool. Next year. Perhaps.

The Bedroom

The Office

Brilliant bathroom

Fab breakfast on the terrace