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Hobbit House

Hobbit houses, dogs, parrots and paella

Coffee and a free taster ice cream on Burriana Beach

So far a wonderful day for our anniversary.  Been to Nerja which we both love, had wonderful tapas.  Could have actually eaten lots more, but evening meal booked. G wanted to try a restaurant which was rarely open, but it wasn’t open, again so we had tapas. There was a Dutch couple next to us who ordered loads of food and never ate it.  Best thing for us we ordered 6 tapas and only got charged for three.  That's what happens when the waiter is eyeing up the girls going past.  Dirty devil. 


Nerja looked lovely in the sunshine. Burriana  beach was packed, crowds at Ayo’s paella place. He is 85 now, still works seven days a week all year round, but now mostly just does the serving while others deal with the fire. Still wears shorts and magazines tied around his legs to top the fire burning him. What will Nerja be like when he finally goes? 


Walked around a bit in Nerja. The Balcon was crowded, lots of musicians and a lad blowing giant bubbles. We were walking along when someone called our names. It was a girl we met in Morocco at least ten years ago and she remembered both our names! Bit awkward as had forgotten hers so kept it vague. Clever girl, makes things out of wire. Made a living doing it for many years, no luxuries though.


Chatted to a parrot, yes really, and then headed up to Frigiliana and beyond for our rustic and very weird hotel. I hadn’t managed to guess where we were going, even with a thousand guesses. If you want to know where it is, go to Frigiliana, keep going until you get to the mifpddle of nowhere and it’s only a bit further than that! I saw them on the hillside as we got near and said they looked like hobbit houses. 


The hobbit house we are staying in is really silly but very cleverly done. They are ‘pods’ and look like a snail, rounded shapes not a straight line in sight and clever G knew I’d love to stay in one. There’s a bed, a bath, quite a big sitting room and all the usual things, plus a terrace, just like a hotel room, only round. Like living in a lighthouse, but painted in weird colours. Love it. 


When we went up to reception lovely mummy dog with puppies only one day old.  Got my eye on the black and white one. The father was also there, about ten times the size of the mother ore like a Shetland pony than a dog. The views are fantastic, very high up and can hear the goats on the hil.  Meeting some former neighbours tomorrow.  We will have lots of news to catch up on.  They have six chickens and live mainly on eggs in different guises, so are expecting omelette for lunch.  We have got them lots of goodies as they live on very little but are perfectly happy.


G got me a necklace with fish things all over it.  I got him some jelly sweets.  He was quite overcome and am sure there was a tear in his eye!  


Just off for evening meal and G and T.  Quite fancy the lamb chops cooked over a fire of herby things.


Arrived at restaurant.  Only ones in and we had to book!  Anyway, it was three quarters full half an hour later. I had aubergine with honey which is a typical Spanish starter.  G had delicious starter of fruity salad, chunks of fruit and a delist dressing.  Then steak for me as big as your thigh and G pork with a fab rich wine gravy.  Had to have the steak on the grill for a bit longer as it was too underdone.  Then it was spot on.  Puds we didn't fancy and were too full anyway  


Half way through the main course, a  village dog ran in with a dead rat in its mouth followed by another one barking its head off.  A woman started shouting and it was chased out by the waiter with a broom.  Marvellous stuff.  The Spanish thought it was funny!  Bet it's on the men tomorrow with a few spuds and gravy.


We wobbled down to the hobbit house which was scary as there weren't many lights.  Couldn't find where to put the key and when we did it didn't fit.  G checked number by feel and it was the one next door.  Had to feel our way round again.  I got the giggles and had to sit down till he found our hobbit house then had to feel his way back for me.  Feel most exhausted.  Breakfast is from 10 till 1!  Might be Ratatouille!


Ratatouille? Rat, yes? Do try and keep up…







Next paella on the way at Ayo's beach restaurant

85 year old Ayo's trademark knee leg protectors

Ayo feeding the hungry hordes

Marigold and parrot. The parrot is the one with the less gaudy plumage

Balcon de Europa, Nerja

Clever girl we first met in Morocco, years ago

Bubble blower


Arty photo


Only one day old

Here's the dad. Ridiculous.

Pod bedroom

Bath and sink

More of bathroom

Pod from dining area terrace

Pool as well. G went in, briefly, as had to check on puppies.


G's best-ever salad

My giant steak

Dining room and terrace

Anniversary smile

G asks why I cut legs off in photos. Oh, you mean perfection?