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Los Angeles, but not Hollywood , Universal Studios or going shopping in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills. Just one of the places we didn't go to today

Visiting LA on a very hot day without doing all that 'Tourist' stuff.

Marigold Says...


I decided, without consulting G, that we’d leave the car at the hotel and travel into LA by train as I didn’t fancy the mad traffic, even as a passenger. When I told G of  my decision, he said, ‘woman, we’ll do as I say and there’s  an end to it.’  

No, of course he didn’t, he looked a bit relieved I think. 

 ‘We can get the train and then walk,’ I said.

‘Walk? How far are you intending to walk?’ G asked as it was already roasting at nine am. Miles, I said. 

We got the Metro into the fab Union station. It was built just before the war and is really lovely, very Art Deco in style.  

We wandered around inside for a bit and when we went outside it was very, very hot. 

‘Come on,’ G said, ‘where shall we walk to first?’

We went back inside and had a cool drink while we thought about it. 

‘I don’t want to do tourist stuff anyway,’ I said and it’s true, it doesn’t interest me, doing what everyone else does. We walked a bit, not very far, rode the metro, a bus, but didn’t flag down a cab as the traffic was so bad I had visions of all our dollars being spent in one traffic jam. We saw lots of things and not a single ‘tourist stop.’

Apart from the Hollywood Walk  of Fame and we only went there because we didn’t realise it covered so many streets.  

I read in a leaflet there are over 2,600 stars, they contain real brass and each star weighs 300 lbs, that’s 136 kg for us European types. ‘Very nearly 21 and a half stone,’ G said, but even so it seems four of them have been stolen and had to be replaced. Surprised the thieves didn’t do themselves a mischief lifting them up. Perhaps they did. It said whose stars had been stolen but I have forgotten. G would have looked it up, but I use a different system called can’t be bothered. It’s too hot.

We found the stars of lots of people we know, but also some people I’d never heard of. There were also some stars without any connection to Hollywood, films, acting etc. Magic Johnson, was he ever in a film? I asked a policeman, who should know as he said he walked this beat every day, but he said, ‘I don’t know nothing about that, sorry,’ but he did tell me that Mohammed Ali has a star and he never appeared in films either 

Someone else said the committee who  decide who gets a star said boxing was a performing art to get Mohammed Ali on the Walk so Magic Johnson got in because they said basketball was a performing art too. 

The policeman came back, obviously wanting to be a bit more helpful this time, and told us where to find the Mohammed  Ali star. It is not on the pavement/sidewalk like all the others, but set upright into the wall of the Dolby Theatre because Ali refused to let his name be walked on. Everybody started arguing about whether that was a disgrace and shouldn’t have been allowed so we moved on. Too hot to be getting so cross.

We found the Beatles, all of them, but not Donald Trump. People kept telling us where to find his star, but we never found it. It has been vandalised a few times, but also used as a rallying point for Trump supporters. 

What else! We window shopped, went to the great big Grand Central food market which was brilliant and could have spent all day there, we had coffee and a beer in two different places and tried to keep cool. We went into one shop where the air con was so efficient we were glad to get outside again before we froze to death, wouldn’t like to pay their electricity bill. 

LA is not really my sort of place. Certainly not in this heat. Yes, we only visited a tiny part of it, but it’s  too big, too crowded and the traffic fumes are vile. Call me a misery for not wanting to shop in Rodeo Drive, gawp at the walls surrounding homes stars may or may not be living in or queue up for hours to visit ‘attractions.’ We don’t like organised tours, don’t want to borrow anyone’s grandchild to take to Disneyland either. Nightmare.   

We did LA my way and had a great time. More beaches tomorrow, I think. 

 You didn’t really believe me when I said I made all the decisions, did you? G sorts everything out, does all the driving and I just provide a smiley face and tell him I don’t want to drive for a bit if he asks me. I’m a world class passenger and I tell him  he’s  very lucky to have me as I’m no trouble. Apart from going to sleep sometimes and talking a bit too much. 

G is getting rather cross because we can’t  add photos to the blog like we used to and the expert technical people can’t seem to sort it out. I just say ‘chill out, man’ like an American. Speaking of Americans one chatted me up today in Starbucks. He had the biggest teeth I have ever seen. They were almost tusks.